Accountant Service for Churches

Accountant Service for ChurchesSpecialist Advisors

At NEWHSL & Co, we have specialist advisers that can guide you through the muddle, helping your church to save valuable time, resources and remain compliant; as the number of churches investigated by the Charity Commission are now on the increase, sadly.

Our qualified and committed church and charity team have the experience and expertise to fully understand the complex and regulatory accounting needs of religious organisations.

Church Services

Our church accounting services include:

  • Accounting and Book-keeping - Online and Desktop support
  • Year End Accounts preparation and submission to all regulators
  • Assurance services - independent examinations of the church accounts
  • Management accounts and financial reporting - on quarterly basis, where appropriate and presentation at committee meetings if required
  • Quarterly overview and support - for church finance support workers
  • Systems set-up and support – specific for churches
  • Strategic reviews and budgetary planning training for key personnel
  • Internal control procedures, and risk management - Support and Policy Development to ensure compliance at all times
  • Reserves policy and accounting for separate church funds and projects
  • Setting-up new subsidiary trading companies: regulatory, trading, taxation, and governance issues
  • Payroll managed services offered 
  • One-to-One Training of – Committee members, Treasures, and Induction programme for new Trustees
  • Charity taxation for churches - including VAT and trading activities
  • Gift Aid management

Why use our Church services

  • Personal attention: as every client's needs are unique, you are treated with special attention to your denomination and doctrinal requirements.
  • Set Up time: we can set you up and running within days.
  • Response time: our promise to you is your work will be completed and delivered according to agreed timetable.
  • Fixed price: our fixed price, payable by monthly direct debits, gives you the absolute peace of mind in planning your budget, enabling you to take control of the finances.
  • Good stewarding: we understand the Biblical standards for managing God’s money
  • Value-for-service: due to our service delivery approach, we are able to pass on part of the savings that we make as a result to you.
  • Systems appropriateness: we only use systems that give fully compliant accounts
  • Service guarantee: because we are confident of the high level of services we offer, coupled with our Professional indemnity insurance, we can offer you a FULL REFUND, or just PAY what you think the service offered you is worth.
  • Expectations: we won't rest until your expectations are fully met.

Accountants Report & Independent Examinations

Charity Law requires most churches to carry out an external scrutiny of their accounts. If a church is not required by law or its governing document to have an audit, then the trustees may choose a simpler and less expensive form of external scrutiny called an Independent Examination (IE).

An IE is a simpler form of external scrutiny than an audit but it still provides trustees, members plus other key stakeholders and the public with an assurance that the accounts of the church have been reviewed by a competent independent person – the examiner.

For financial years ending on or after 31st March 2015, trustees may opt for an IE provided their ’s gross income threshold is £1 million or less or where the church’s gross income exceeds £250,000, and its gross assets are £3.26 million or less.

At NEWHSL & Co, we understand the unique requirement of churches and qualified to provide you a cost-effective IE to churches in England as specified by The 2006 Regulations.

In compliance with the Charity Commission’s guidance to Examiners - CC32, our IE services include:

  • A review of Eligibility and Governing documents
  • A review of Safe Guarding and other policy documents
  • The actual IE within the context of CC32
  • Management report to the governing Board - where appropriate
  • Submission of approved accounts to the Charity Commission

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