Welcome to the launch of our new Website


Welcome to our new website which has been redesigned to bring quality that delivers the best interest of our valued clients.

Why Now

In business, time is precious and has value, because we felt “value delayed is opportunity denied and bottom line distorted”. That is why we have decided to bring you the joy of seamless browsing, coupled with valuable tools and information that help you run your business better.

Your Benefits

  • Easy accessibility: our new Website is based on on of the Internet's leading Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress, and is designed to offer the best experience for both Desktop and Mobile Device users.
  • Concise and Relevant Information: the information on the new website is very concise, relevant and clearly conveys our message to you and other visitors to the site.
  • New Client Area: we couldn’t bring this objective to fruition on the previous site, you now have this feature available. This will enable us to exchange documents securely without emailing.
  • Relevant Resources: our new resource area is second to none, offering you relevant information and tools that help you make better decisions
  • Each of our Service pages also incorporates related Blog Posts, specific to each service, making it much easier to view content in context.
  • All our Blog Posts have the option for visitors to leave their own comments, allowing them to give us much valued feedback on what we publish.

The Future

As we move forward, we would endeavour to incorporate new techniques and ideas that deliver value, and advance our Practice in the 21st century. We welcome your comments, views and suggestions for future upgrades.

Keep in Touch with New Horiizon ServicesKeep in touch

For more information on the above, please Contact Us or telephone on 03451_ 930 620 and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Even better, why not book your FREE consultation today, it only takes a minute. At this stage, if you are just looking for an idea of how much our services cost, then please feel free to complete our Request a Quote Form and we will get back to you within 48 hours. In the meantime, why not follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news that may affect your business or subscribe to our Newsletter for automatic email updates. If you are out and about in the Enfield or North London area, why not give us a quick call to confirm if we can arrange an immediate, free consultation.

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